The Whole Food Vegan Podcast

Creating Plant-based Sweet Treats

March 13, 2022 Mark & Sue Season 2 Episode 6
The Whole Food Vegan Podcast
Creating Plant-based Sweet Treats
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Show Notes

In this episode we talk to Rym, and entrepreneurial vegan baker with her own plant-based ingredient company, Miiro.

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We talk about:

  • how to be creative in vegan baking
  • rediscovering taste as a vegan
  • dealing with gestational diabetes and how food impacts this
  • creating plant-based, indulgent recipes with no added sugar
  • helping beginners get baking
  • replacing sugar without any loss of sweetness and remaining plant-based
  • how to substitute cows milk and maintain the indulgent fat content
  • tips and tricks for vegan baking, including making vegan caramel with dates (see the recipe for vegan snikkrs)
  • replacing eggs in baking

This is a very sweet tooth focused episode with lots of information for plant-based bakers and creating plant-based sweet treats.

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